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About Us

Sassy Chic Family

One night while crafting with some friends during a crazily creative session, the idea for Sassy Chic Boutique came about in jest.  Not being able to stop thinking about it and discovering the courage to sell my crafty creations, a business name was chosen the next day.  I learned several hard lessons over the next few months and in April 2013, with the blessings of my family, I made a determined effort to make this a legitimate business. 

 With the help of my husband running the back-end of the business, we have been able to grow Sassy Chic Boutique into what it has become today.  Showing no signs of slowing down, we are excitedly looking for more growth opportunities and further developing the Sassy Chic Boutique brand.

 The picture above is the reason for my motivation and what drives me every day.  Like all parents, regardless of how good or bad you had it as a child, I want my kids to have a better life and more opportunities than I did.

I would like to say THANK YOU to all of my wonderful customers who have helped build this company to what it has become!

-Heather Sullivan